How to use Automatic Account Invites to Migrate Your Customers to Shopify

Migrating your store to a new platform is a daunting challenge, and we want to make sure that your efforts to move to the best eCommerce platform (Shopify!) aren't wasted because you can't get your customers to activate their new accounts in your shiny new store. Automatic Account Invites (AAI) has several tools that when put to use can help complete the last stages of a successful migration. 

Below we listed out the steps we recommend taking to ensure your customers have the best experience activating their accounts with your new Shopify store. The guide below assumes you have the Advanced Plan for AAI activated within the app.

  1. Import Your Customers to Shopify - using your preferred method of importing customers, make sure you have all of your existing customers loaded into Shopify.
  2. Install the Automatic Account Invites App - if you have already installed the app, don't worry, you can still import your customers after installing the AAI app, just make sure you have NOT enabled automatic invites on the Dashboard tab before importing.
  3. Configure GDPR settings in AAI - if you have an international customer base, there may be a need to enable GDPR blocks so that invites are not sent to people who have not accepted marketing.
  4. Customize your Account Invitation Email - you'll want to make sure the email that is sent from Shopify to your customer has all of the messaging and branding elements in place to effectively communicate to your customers the need for them to take action and activate their accounts. See our tips on customizing these emails. You can find your account invite email in the Shopify admin by navigating to Settings > Notifications > Customer Account Invite in the Customer section. There are also links to editing this email in the AAI app itself, for your convenience.
  5. Install the AAI Open Tracker - The AAI Open tracker will allow you to see how many customers are opening your account invite emails. The open tracker is a piece of code we provide, which you insert into your Account Invitation Email while you are editing it in step 4. The code can be found under the Open Tracker section of the AAI app.
  6. Send out Bulk Invites - using our bulk invite tool is as easy as clicking a button. Once you initiate bulk invites in the app, your request will go into our system queue and begin deploying shortly. Depending on the size of your eligible customer list, the time needed to deploy the invites can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days for larger stores. Note: Automatic invites should NOT be enabled at any point while the bulk invites are being deployed.
  7. Install the Site Link - the site link allows you to install some code on your website that will enable your customers to send themselves an account invitation by simply entering their email address into a form on your site. This is a popular feature and helps cover all the possible places a customer might need to be reminded to activate their new account on your new store. Note: It's important that you do NOT install the site link until after your bulk invites have completed sending.
  8. Enable Automatic Invites - once your bulk invites have been sent to your existing customers, you can enable Automatic invites to be sent to any new customers that come to your Shopify store. You can configure the timing of these invites on the dashboard tab of the AAI app. Don't forget to enable and configure the follow-up automatic invites as well. To enable automatic account invites, visit the dashboard tab of the AAI app. Note: It's important that you do NOT enable automatic invites until after your bulk invites have completed sending.
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