Features - Basic Plan

Automatic Account Invites is a backend application that runs "behind the scenes" to help you turn shoppers into account holders on your store. Once the app is enabled, you can rest assured that your invites to eligible customers are being sent on the schedule you set within the app.

With our Basic Plan, for a minimal monthly cost, we'll deploy account invitation emails to your customers. 

Here are the configuration options for the Basic plan:

  • Send automatic invites to new online and POS customers - any new shoppers without accounts automatically get an email asking them to create their accounts with your store.
  • Set timing delay of invites to minimum of 1 day - you can specify how many days to wait after purchase to invite the customer. The shortest wait time is 1 day with the basic plan.
  • Keep track of how many invites have been deployed - we'll show you the number of invites deployed by your store, and the names of the customers that recently received an invitation, so you can be confident the emails are going out from your store as intended.

Our Basic Plan is great for new or growing stores, and stores that don't need to send invites immediately. If you need more granular controls for invites from your store, please consider our Advanced Plan. 

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